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Understanding values, ethics and codes

What are values?

  • Values are beliefs that describe what is important.
    Values influence decisions, and directly affects
  • Every individual has values that define who you are,
    what is important to you and how you will behave
    (referred to as personal values).
  • Organisations also have values that describe what is
    important to the organisation and influence the
    behaviours within the organisation.

What is a Code of Ethics?

A Code is similar to an agreement on the standards for
behaviour, which is to be applied in the workplace.

A Code of Ethics highlights the ethical values, such as
respect, honesty, compassion, etc. that explain what
behaviour is good and right in the workplace.

The Code of Ethics sets the standard of behaviour
within the organisation, and guides employees in
making ethical decisions.

GMEC’s Ethics presentation is a tool which assists
employees in living the GMEC Values in an ethical

What is ethics?

It is learning about what is right and wrong; and then doing the
right thing.

  • Ethics is the thought process that comes into play when we are deciding between right and wrong, and requires action.
  • Ethics concerns itself with what is good or right in human interaction.
  • Right is about doing what is good.  
  • Good should be remembered as not doing any harm.