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Company Governance

GMEC manages its business in accordance with the international standards for a globally competitive sustainable operation that provides cost-effective reliable power contributing positively to the environment and community where it operates. Its Business Model was designed and implemented based on the principle of continual improvement with focus on Governance, Compliance and Risk in all aspect of its business toward the realization of its Reaching for Excellence journey.


GNPower Mariveles Energy Center Ltd. Co. (GMEC) is committed in providing quality, reliable and cost-effective power to the highest standards of customer satisfaction through efficient and effective management of all its resources with emphasis on maintaining an accident-free and healthy environment for its people and surrounding community.

With Management Stewardship, Employee Empowerment, and Local Community Partnership, we shall foster a culture of excellence in all aspect of our business.

We commit to adhere to the following principles:


GMEC shall comply with all applicable local and international legislations, regulations, recognized standards, and
codes of practice as set by the governing regulatory bodies and Lenders.

Effective Risk Management

GMEC shall implement structured process and risk-based approach in managing its business and influencing decision making through conduct of effective risk assessments and root cause analysis in generating solutions, treatments, and corrective actions. This is to ensure a sound safety culture in an environment that promotes the welfare of people while continually achieving its business goals.

Pollution Prevention and Resource Management

GMEC shall employ sustainable practices and engage effective controls to minimize pollution and/or eliminate any potential adverse impact to the environment within the premises and its surrounding community. GMEC shall ensure that all available resources are used responsibly and conserved.

Stakeholder Engagement

GMEC shall continually educate its employees, partners, contractors, suppliers, and other relevant interested parties to ensure their adherence to the established management system policies, procedures, and requirements through effective communication, consultation, and participation.

Continual Performance Improvement

GMEC shall measure, track, analyzed and improve its performance though the periodic review of the achievement of its set performance indicators and periodic assessment of the adequacy, suitability, and effectiveness of the established Integrated Business Management System.