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Coal-fired power plants converged in PCPUG’s 23rd technical Conference

Held last September 29-30, 2022, The Philippine Coal Plant Users’ Group (PCPUG) conducted its 23rd tech forum with coal-fired power plants in Luzon at Widus Hotel Clark, Pampanga. More than 300 delegates participated in the 2-day forum covering a range of topics of interest to coal plant engineers and developers. 

As members, GNPower Mariveles Energy Center Ltd. Co. (GMEC) and GNPower Dinginin Ltd. Co. (GNPD) shared their business overviews with the team. Dennis Jordan, CEO and President of GMEC and GNPD opened the conference with an inspirational talk. Jordan emphasized that Filipino workers are world-class and able to do their best in this field. As he stated, “We are far better, we are far stronger than we think we are.” 


Part of the forum is plant sharing. Young Comaad, GNPD Deputy Plant Manager shares how the plant empowers progress and builds the future of the business operations through Operational Excellence, Sustainability, and Challenging Challenges. Being part of the biggest coal-fired power plant in terms of unit capacity, Comaad highlighted the journey of GNPD from start to commercially launching. GNPD’s UNIT 2 is also expected to be commercially available soon. 

On the other hand, Ryno Lacock, GMEC Chief Operating Officer Designate shares the plant’s coal stockpile management and performance milestone. Ultimately, the main goal of GMEC is to make sure that the plant has a sufficient and quality supply of coal in the yard. 


PCPUG is the leading non-profit organization that initiates forums on the best practices of a coal-fired power plant. PCPUG as an organization is responsible for disseminating information about the technology of coal-fired power generation in the Philippines. Since its formation, PCPUG has experienced significant growth yet never lost sight of its founding principles: promote the importance of coal as the primary fuel for electricity generation in the Philippines.

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