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In-house Troubleshooting and Fast Restoration of CWP 2B 

GMEC team saved a substantial amount of cost when the in-house maintenance team restored Unit 2 CWP 2B Motor instead of going to a third-party service provider. The maintenance team was still occupied with the Unit 1 outage when Unit 2 CWP 2B 6kV motor tripped on September 20 due to motor bearing high temperature. As found, the oil level of the motor thrust bearing was low. The GMEC team was quick and relentless in finding the problem on the motor as visual and borescope inspection revealed that there was no leak on the bearing housing and that no traces of oil were evident inside and around the area. The team finally found that the oil-bearing cooler had a hole due to thinning which was creating a vacuum inside the bearing housing and sucking the oil from inside and dumping it to the cooler outlet. The maintenance team replaced the bearing cooler after subjecting the system to hydro-testing. Inspection of bearing housing was also conducted as a precautionary measure and was found okay. The risk of possible Unit 2 duration was reduced significantly due to the fast turn-around of the maintenance activities.