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Stacker/Reclaimer 02, Ready for Action!

By: Mark Anthony D. Reyes (Materials Handing Plant Operator)

The long wait is over, Stacker/Reclaimer 02 is officially reporting for duty after successful testing of the newly installed “Exchanger Chute” on October 04, 2021. 

The Stacker/Reclaimer 02 exchanger chute had previously been modified but caused great pain for the MH department due to continued spillage, causing many manhours in clean-ups and reduction in stacking capacity, and stacking throughput reduction of 50%. 

With the help of the TRAC team and Engineering, our Maintenance team worked with a contractor to install a new exchanger chute of original design with minor modifications. This led to a great reduction in coal spillages in both stacking and reclaiming mode. 

We also took the outage opportunity to carry out additional maintenance works:

  • Replacement of equalizer pins
  • Replacement of conveyor belt misalignment switches of SR belt, reclaiming belt and movable belt 
  • Rectification of emergency pull cords of tripper car
  • Replacement of movable beam hydraulic cylinder seal kit

Great work by all involved and a big thank you for less clean up from the Materials Handling! 

Movable Beam Hydraulic Cylinder Seal

New Exchanger Chute