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Q2 – News Letter Issue

GMEC Aims for 100% Vaccination Rate ASAP

by Ray Venson Pacia

As heightened restrictions on physical gatherings had forcibly thrusted us into this new normal, our migration to the digital domain became a matter of survival. Thanks to the ability of new technologies to allow humans to interface virtually, we have not been severely paralyzed during this pandemic.

And yet we cannot deny the sense of alienation, the feeling that something’s just not right. Not even the most introverted among us is spared from this alienation. No matter how some of us parade the virtues of JOMO – joy of missing out – the truth is there ain’t no joy in isolation. We crave for real (read: physical) interactions, unmediated by virtual platforms. We hanker for unlimited mobility and unrestrained connections. This new normal shouldn’t be the permanent normal. We don’t need a “permission to dance,” as that hit song so aptly put it. There is that strong longing for the day when we shall no longer have to wear face masks and that we can all huddle once more all we want sans protocols. While high-tech is cool, the joy of physical interactions makes us full.

Such is the burning desire of the members of the Human Resources and Admin Team. In fact, we could not wait until the day this pandemic will be history that we made sure our names were listed when we learned about the vaccination roll-out for A4s from the local government units (LGUs). Some of us even made it to the A3 priority list due to certain commodities albeit that was not really something to be proud of. If the promise of vaccination is that much-awaited return to normalcy, then give us whatever is available along with that indemnity waiver.

We desire to serve our colleagues not only via virtual platforms but in person. We have been employed to provide that vital human touch to this power station and we take that commitment to heart.

While we heartily welcome the (hopefully permanent) insertion of WFH into our corporate lexicon, the truth is we miss the warm company of colleagues – especially those whose presence is truly enlivening. Indeed, there must be a reason why a business organization is called a “company.”

As employees whose primary role involves interfacing constantly with other employees, we knew that getting the jab is key to our renewed confidence to perform our normal job. We needed protection. Hence, we didn’t wait to be told. We volunteered right away. One by one each of us took the first jab and by the last week of June, we had attained 85% vaccination rate. Given that the rest of us are already on the waiting list for their second jab, we expect to achieve 100% vaccination rate by end of July. Then we can lessen our dependence on virtual platforms and serve our colleagues once again in person.

GMEC Upskilling Program Goes Full Blast

by Recaredo Madrid

The GNPower Mariveles Energy Center Ltd. Co. (GMEC) on Wednesday started its Maintenance Training Program in partnership with the Training Resources Action Center placing the company’s upskilling program for its employees on full swing.

HRA Manager Ireene Bagtas emphasized that this plant initiative is brought by the 5-year Reaching for Excellence (RFE) Journey of GMEC, and the upskilling and leadership programs are the highlights of RFE year 2.

Prior to the recent training program, efforts already began in the last week of April when the Operating Department’s Simulator Training took place. This program has thrived on despite the challenges of Covid-19.

This type of training is what we operators need, because it refreshes us on the start-up and shutdown of the plant [in] which in reality is done [rarely] therefore we tend to forget some procedures,” they said.

Meanwhile, the leadership and other soft skills training programs are now ready for execution in July and onwards. There will be several runs for each training program especially for the leadership aspect of line employees.

Also, other departments are now looking for the right timing in initiating their training requests.

Remarkably, training is one of GMEC’s criteria for Human Performance under its Plant Performance Compact this 2021.