GMEC achieves 100 days continuous operations


Last September 6, GMEC Unit 2 achieved 100 days of continuous operations, and then three days later, GMEC Unit 1 achieved the same feat. This showcased the plant’s reliability and performance in providing power to the grid. This milestone not only underscores GMEC’s unwavering commitment to delivering consistent power but also cements its legacy as a safe, efficient, reliable, and dependable energy source.

Achieving 100 Continuous Running Days for GMEC Unit 1 and Unit 2

With Unit 1 and Unit 2 consistently producing electricity for 100 continuous days, GMEC exhibited what it means to excel in the realm of power generation. Behind the feat is the GMEC team, who demonstrated their dedication to reliability and performance. This remarkable achievement is a testament not only to the plant’s operational excellence and its ability to meet the energy needs of the community without interruption but also to the superb teamwork and commitment of the Operating team and other departments.

Cementing Milestones for a Legacy of Excellence

Beyond these impressive numbers, GMEC is focused on building a legacy that stands the test of time. Every day of continuous operation contributes to this legacy, marking GMEC as a reliable and indispensable power source for the region. This milestone is not just about numbers; it is about creating a sustainable and dependable future for all who rely on the power supplied by GMEC, our customers, stakeholders, and the community where we operate.

The Secret to Success

What sets GMEC apart from the rest? It’s not a secret formula or a hidden ingredient. The key to the plant’s success lies in the unwavering dedication of the team behind it. The synergy of the people gets the job done. Their collaboration, resilience, positive mindset, disciplined preparation and execution of outage work, attention to detail, and unwavering devotion to their mission have been the driving forces behind this achievement.

The GMEC team has demonstrated time and again that they can rise to any challenge. This spirit of resilience is fostered by visionary leaders who provide unwavering support and motivation. It is the shared commitment to a common goal, the pursuit of quality work, that keeps GMEC on the path to becoming a bastion of excellence in the power generation industry.

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