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Q2 – News Letter Issue


Unit 1 Nose Dead Space Recovery Project

Site activities are progressing well and without any Safety or Quality incidents to date. All damaged truss steelwork has been removed and the replacement of buckstays is ongoing. The next key milestone is delivery of new truss steelwork which started on the 15th of June in line with the main installation phase commencing.

Conveyor CC01 Alignment 

Using the ship unloaders to unload the coal vessels, the coal drops onto belt conveyor CC01 from the ship unloaders. This conveyor had issues that lead to excessive spillages when coal unloading. The belt was found to be misaligned when inspected.

Stacker/Reclaimer 02, Ready for Action!

The long wait is over, Stacker/Reclaimer 02 is officially reporting for duty after successful testing of the newly installed “Exchanger Chute” on October 04, 2021.

Claroty Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) Cybersecurity Platform Implementation for GMEC Operational Technology (OT) Plant Network System

In the GMEC enterprise information technology (IT) network, system security is continually being managed by using Darktrace cyber security self-learning technology, which automatically detects and autonomously responds to identify and block any cyber-attacks in real-time

In-house Troubleshooting and Fast Restoration of CWP 2B 

GMEC team saved a substantial amount of cost when the in-house maintenance team restored Unit 2 CWP 2B Motor instead of going to a third-party service provider. The maintenance team was still occupied with the Unit 1 outage when Unit 2 CWP 2B 6kV motor tripped on September 20 due to motor bearing high temperature.