GMEC, GNPD Redefines Workplace Safety through Safety Culture Revolution Launch


MARIVELES, BATAAN — Workplace safety took on a more powerful meaning last April 18, 2024, as GNPower Dinginin Ltd. Co. (GNPD) and GNPower Mariveles Energy Center Ltd. Co. (GMEC) opened their doors for its Safety Culture Revolution launch, held strategically at the Workshop Area. The Safety Culture Revolution was a momentary event that marked a seismic change in GMEC, GNPD, and the AboitizPower Thermal Group’s commitment to prioritizing employee safety and instilling a culture of vigilance and proactive risk management. Also introduced in the event were the Five LifeSaving Rules, namely:

  1. Permit to Work
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Energy Isolation
  4. Personal Protective Equipment
  5. Safety Controls

In frame: Emmanuel Lopez, COO of GMEC & GNPD and the North Luzon Thermal Business Group of AP

“We gathered today to ignite a revolution of mind, hearts, and actions that places safety at the forefront of everything that we do,” stated Emmanuel Lopez, the Chief Operating Officer of GMEC & GNPD and the North Luzon Thermal Business Group of AP. “Safety Culture Revolution is a call to action, an encouragement that strengthens our partnership. It is a shared belief and responsibility that every one of us proceeds to go home safe and healthy, and we should have everyone’s commitment to embrace everything that we say here.” More than the 700-strong workforce from GMEC and GNPD, top leaders from AP, and several contractors were also present at the event, signifying their support of the overall goal of the event: to instill that safety is more than just compliance, but a culture that employees across the organization must embrace to achieve a healthier, safer, and better workplace that inspires them to approach workplace safety with a deeper purpose.

In frame: Top leaders from GMEC & GNPD

In frame: GMEC & GNPD Contractors and Employees

“Safety is not about the rules,” started Anton Besaris, Plant Manager of GNPD, “I hope that we will see these as a guideline on how to develop your own safety awareness and how you can ensure that you and your colleagues can go home safe to your families.”

In frame: Anton Besaris, GNPD Plant Manager

On the other hand, GMEC Plant Manager Joart Boado emphasized how Visible Felt Leadership (VFL) can bring both GMEC and GNPD one step closer to revolutionizing safety. “VFL develops good communication, and it builds positive employee behavior,” he said. “String safety culture relies in it – hindi ito pakitang tao lang.”

In frame: Joart Boado, GMEC Plant Manager

Overall, this transformative launch aims to challenge the norms of workplace safety and ignite meaningful conversations on how to further strengthen safety standards and inspire action amongst everyone in the workplace, be it from the technical side to the support team. It heralds a new era where safety is not just a practice but a way of thinking—a culture that transcends boundaries and propels GMEC and GNPD towards greater heights of success and sustainability.

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