GMEC Digital Transformation: A giant step into the future


In the rapidly evolving realm of energy production in the Philippines, GMEC stands at the forefront of reliability and performance. In 2024, GMEC will leverage power plant digitalization to reshape the way electricity is generated, monitored, and managed. This paradigm shift towards a digitalized infrastructure holds immense potential for optimizing efficiency, enhancing reliability, and mitigating environmental impact.

The Digitalization Roadmap

GMEC’s power plant, once reliant on traditional manual processes and legacy systems, will undergo profound transformation through the integration of digital technologies. The core of GMEC’s power plant digitalization lies in the deployment of Thermo-dynamic Digital-Twin, Predictive Analytics Digital-Twin, real-time and remote monitoring, and data analytics. The Figure below shows the roadmap for GMECs Digital Transformation in collaboration with GMEC Engineering Department and ADI (Aboitiz Data Innovation)

Enhancing Efficiency and Performance through Thermo-dynamic Digital-Twin

GMEC currently lacks a thermodynamic model and an on-line performance and condition monitoring solution. In 2024, by implementing the Thermo-dynamic Digital-Twin technology, operators, engineers, and process owners can optimize thermal performance in real-time by monitoring and controlling net heat rate critical parameters. 

The Thermo-Dynamic Digital-Twin aids engineers in identifying and quantifying heat rate losses through what-if analysis and on-line diagnostics. These crucial data will help the plant in decision-making as well as identifying current and future improvements and innovations that will further improve performance and efficiency. The enhancement in efficiency and performance not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to a more sustainable energy landscape. The figures below show the samples for the Thermo-dynamic Digital Twin and Controllable Losses Monitoring Screen.

Performance Modules

The proposed performance modules to be implemented in GMEC are as follows:

  • Controllable Losses Monitoring
  • Turbine Performance
  • Boiler Performance
  • Boiler Cleanliness for Targeted Soot-blowing
  • Air Heater Performance
  • Feedwater Heaters Performance
  • Condenser Performance
  • Cycle Chemistry
  • Baghouse Performance
  • Fans Performance
  • BFP Performance
  • Generator Performance
  • Mills Performance
  • Emission Monitoring
  • Material Handling
  • Environment and Safety Dashboard
  • Full Year Performance Dashboard
  • Energy Management System (ISO 50001)
  • Others (can be customized)

Real-Time and Remote Monitoring and Predictive Analytics Digital-Twin

GMEC’s power plant will be equipped with the capability to monitor operations in real-time. Sensors strategically placed throughout the critical assets of the facility continuously collect data on temperature, pressure, flow, energy consumption, and other critical parameters. This large collection of data is then analyzed using sophisticated algorithms and AI, identifying patterns, anomalies, and potential issues before they escalate. Predictive analytics enable proactive maintenance, minimizing downtime, and maximizing the lifespan of equipment. This solution is currently being handled by ADI. The pilot facilities for this project are Thema South Inc. and Therma Visayas, Inc.

Environmental Sustainability

Beyond operational benefits, GMEC’s power plant digitalization plays a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability. By optimizing processes and improving efficiency, GMEC minimizes its carbon footprint.

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