GMEC reaches 8 million safe man-hours milestone 


GNPower Mariveles Energy Center Ltd. Co. (GMEC) achieved another key safety milestone after reaching eight million hours without any Loss Time Incident (LTI). The company marked the event with a stand-down meeting at the GMEC Administration Building Grounds last September 19. 

GMEC Health and Safety Manager Edwin De Jesus opened the event, after a toolbox safety reminder by Safety Inspector Michael De Lara. 

De Jesus said he was proud of GMEC’s latest safety achievement, as it more than doubled the previous one. As of this writing, the company had logged 900 man-days or 30 months without an LTI. The previous best safety performance was from 2017 to 2019 when the company had no LTI for a full 12 months or 3.8 million manhours. 

“Kapag maganda ang takbo ng planta, mas less prone tayo sa aksidente. So let’s continue to support our technical guys. Pag mas efficient ang planta, less emergency and less unplanned or unprepared works. These emergency works are most of the time the cause of accidents,” De Jesus said. 

GMEC COO Emmanuel Lopez graced the event as well. Lopez congratulated the whole team saying that “everyone contributed to achieve this milestone.” 

“This milestone is about reminding all of us to continue to be safe. Let’s continue to be vigilant. Always remember your family is waiting for you to come home,” Lopez said. “I don’t want this number (8 million manhours) to be reset. And that can only happen if we all work together to contribute to reach that goal.”

Workplace safety is vital for the welfare of both employees and employers because human loss is immeasurable and intolerable. Such loss or injury can be detrimental to the company, even more so to families.

In his closing remarks, GMEC Plant Manager Joart Boado urged everyone to be more conscious when it comes to safety. “Safety is a habit, a way of life, even at home. When we have this mindset, we can go home every day safe and alive,” Boado said.

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